CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

changes in one week!

Well, I've been in this area for a long time (5 changes!) and on next Monday we'll see if I'm leaving. I only have 2 changes left, but I'm pretty sure that I'm not finishing off my mission here.... There are rumors that they're going to close our area, or combine it with a branch, but who knows! Only time shall tell...

This week was so great! We did so much crazy stuff. On Wednesday we learned to milk cows (truth be told, I have a hidden talent for milking cows...haha) for a member in the ward.

The next day we had a sister training leader come with us to have divisions in our area! We had a blast as a temporary trio for a day and I learned soooo much from her! One of the things that impacted me is that she said that she always looks for the connection. She looks into the peoples' eyes and watches as things just click for them! I started doing it and usually they just look back at me like I'm crazy, but some times it works :) She also said that we should teach so that when we get to heaven, that no one tells us "I didn't feel the spirit and I didn't feel your love!". That's the new focus: love, spirit.

Other fun tidbits from this week....
-I contacted a nun on a bus. She was waaaay nicer than anyone else on the bus that I talked to! She said that one day she might come to church ;)
-A member told me that I needed to start using a certain cream so that I could look cute. Being sassy, I responded "I'm already cute." and then she pointed to my companion and said "Not as cute as her." Sometimes the people here are just too honest... haha
-Yesterday was zone pday and we went to Solol√°. It was really great! We had such a fun time and we got new zone shirts!

A spiritual sidenote: When I was thinking about this area and what miracles I've seen, I thought to myself  "Well, I've only had one baptism here in my whole 5 changes." But then Heavenly Father gave me many opportunities during the week to see much I as a person have changed and been perfected. I'm not saying I'm perfect (nooooo waaaaaay.)

love you all soooo much!

Hermana Weatherford

Thursday, October 16, 2014

the mouse hunt continues....

this week was crazy and fuuuull of pictures! too bad my camera doesn't really want to send any, though... haha oops.

This monday we went to put on corte, the typical clothes from around here. we then went and took about 3297593487 pictures.. haha ;) here are some!

This week we also had interviews with President Markham. We had to get up at 4 am, but it was soooo worth it! He said something really great though "If we want to be like Christ, we don't just walk WHERE he walked, but also HOW he walked." It reminded me that we don't just need to suffer, but suffer with LOVE!

love you all!
Hermana Weatherford

Mother's Note: I received instruction from the mission home regarding packages. Because of the coming holiday and the inconsistency of international mailing they say:

Christmas time is drawing nearer as the days go on. For this, we know that there are packages being made and organized to send to your missionary children. We want to avoid confusi√≥n with packages that are sent to your missionaries. Some packages are urgently important others should be held until Christmas. We are going to have a Keyword to write on the box in more or less big letters to signify Christmas. The keyword will be “Bulldogs”. When we receive a package that has “Bulldogs” written on it, we will reserve it until Christmas. If you would like your missionary to receive his package before Christmas, write “Cougars”. When we receive a package that has "Cougars” written on it, we will not reserve it until Christmas- we will deliver it as soon as we can.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 7, 2014

Pictures and this time with Words:

somebunny sent us a package. happiest day of our mission lives. I might have given myself a minor stomach infection with all of the candy. SO WORTH IT.

Also, we're loving being mother and daughter twins. So cuuuute! I printed out this picture and we both have a copy of it!

Note from Mom: I sent a Mother/Daughter package, playing on the titles they give each other. Matching pj pants (Tee does love her pajama pants + pretty American, right? + matching!) Also included were the usual pens and post it notes, a bottle of hot sauce (apparently Guatemalans don't eat spicy), and a HUGE bag of American candy. Including Uno bars, Tee's favorite. Plenty to share. 

General Conference:
this week was soooo great! i learned so much!
sorry that i don't have any time, but know that i love you and that things here are great in Patzicia!
i know christ lives and loves us!
Hermana Weatherford