CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

my mission summed up in one email...

[this will be the last post from Guatemala. Hopefully....Hermana W will find time to share once she is stateside. Thank you all for being faithful followers...I mean you Natalie!]

So, as you all know, things have come to a close... Tomorrow is the day of reckoning. haha
so here's my story.

Once upon a time, a young girl named Teigen decided to go on a mission.

so she went to the CCM, learned some spanish...

and then went out to the real world of Guatemala!

she saw many baptisms and met many cool people and my time is up so the story is over, amen, the end.

hermana weatherford


[In case you didn't is Hermana W's birthday. She sent an email containing 27 photos of her blowing out the candles. And a few others. Here is the abridged version.]

from the district meeting today! he bought me a caaaaaaaaaake!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

So Many Pictures

Greetings Faithful Readers! Hermana Weatherford will be returning stateside shortly. Thus, her emails are a little brief. Oh, who am I kidding…she’s terrible at informative, lengthy emails! Lucky for us, she sends many pictures…all without captions this week. [if you lost count, she has one more week in Guatemala]

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

One week later and older too.

sooo... Last week we went to Antigua! I made it my goal to get rid of all the money I had and get as much stuff as I could for it. goal ACHIEVED. my suitcases are now ready for packing.

This week was awesome! We met a guy who lived 40 years in Queens. You can imagine that his accent is FANTASTIC. He's so cool.

Also, a family told us that their dad had a friend that was always drinking on Sundays and they would all end up borrachos. But the guy started going to church with the Elders in Santa Elena Barrillas and now doesn't go drinking and playing soccer like normal. Woohoo! The dad made the comment "these mormons are getting to everyone." the mom made the comment "if he doesn't come to church with us, he'll go with his friend. but either way, he ends up in church!"

Super good week. Next week we go to see Elder Anderson!

Love you all sooooo much!
Hermana Weatherford 

fotos are of us eating ice cream at pops! and in antigua

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

if you call me a slacker, that's okay, i deserve it...

this email is going to be super short. sorry in advance.

The pictures are of our house that after we moved yesterday (second time in my mission moving houses!) and the view from a bridge thing in our area.

Next week we go to Antigua with the zone on Tuesday, so I'll be writing on Monday. If you want anything cool, tell me now or forever hold your peace. 

Love you all! Have a super great week and know that Jesus Christ lives :)

Hermana Weatherford

White Christmas

On December 25th we had a baptism. It was really awesome  PS, my computer went all crazy and wont make any exclamation marks or smiley faces. soo... if this lacks emotion, Im very sorry.

The little boy is Wilson Romero. Hes so cute and he loved his Christmas baptism.

The other picture is of our Christmas eveª Here they celebrate it with fireworks and tamales and family. It-s awesome and we ate so much that it almost didn-t stay down. But luckily, there were no accidents on Christmas Eve. 

Sorry about my email last week... It was pretty bad, I can admit that.

This week I went on divisions to Ribera del Rio, one of my areas that I was in for 6 months. It was great seeing my converts again, one who is on the verge of going on a mission, ready with his papers, just waiting for his birthday. He-s sooo  pilas.

That-s all I have for this week. Know that I love you all, have an amazing New Years Eve and celebrate responsibly 

Love youª
Hermana Weatherford

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

week 6.

So, life is good!

This week we had a Christmas activity with 3 other zones and had a good time playing games and eating Thanksgiving food! I kind of got a little sick afterwards... i guess my body isn't used to anything more than chicken, beans and rice. haha..

We went on divisions to Bilboa this week and slept on the floor. The curly haired girl is my companion, Hermana Oliphant.

Love you all, talk to you Thursday!

 Mom Note: I did tell her that I didn't see any curly haired girl and what was up with the glasses!? But it was too late to get any response.  *sad face*'s 44 days until Teigen returns to Oregon! People kept telling me that she would "be here before I knew it!" and my response was kind of disbelief. So I counted the days and now I can respond with exact numbers. When I get the flight time...I will add that to my countdown!