CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

week 6.

So, life is good!

This week we had a Christmas activity with 3 other zones and had a good time playing games and eating Thanksgiving food! I kind of got a little sick afterwards... i guess my body isn't used to anything more than chicken, beans and rice. haha..

We went on divisions to Bilboa this week and slept on the floor. The curly haired girl is my companion, Hermana Oliphant.

Love you all, talk to you Thursday!

 Mom Note: I did tell her that I didn't see any curly haired girl and what was up with the glasses!? But it was too late to get any response.  *sad face*'s 44 days until Teigen returns to Oregon! People kept telling me that she would "be here before I knew it!" and my response was kind of disbelief. So I counted the days and now I can respond with exact numbers. When I get the flight time...I will add that to my countdown!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

week 7... this is crazy.

So...Wednesday was fun!

Hermana Alba and I woke up suuuuper early, went on the bus and got to changes. We showed up a bit late, and the first thing they said to me was "Hermana Weatherford, usted tiene entrevistas." which can only mean one thing....

I'm now a Sister Training Leader.

I was definitely shaking harder than a bathed cat right after that interview. But all President Markham said was "The Lord is sure. He's called you." So, umm... Here I am.

I now have 3 companions: Hermana Oliphant, Hermana Angel and Hermana Villacis. All 4 of us are Sister Training Leaders and we're opening an area called La Sonora, Amatitlan, about 15 minutes away from the area I started my mission in!

For those who don't know, a STL is an experienced sister who is assigned extra responsibilities to work a day with each sister and analize how she works, to correct her if needed and to help her set goals to work on. We cover about 15 companionships of sisters, which is A LOT. It's a really big responsibility that the Lord has trusted us with, but I'm so excited to learn and help other sisters!

So far, it's super great! We're seeing a lot of miracles, walking really fast and helping out the girls! Today I go on my first divisions to the coast! I'm ready to go back. The capital is a little chilly! I miss the blazing sun and hot sticky nights! I'm going back now :)

One of the miracles that we saw this week is that we were walking around (just Hermana Villacis and I) and couldn't find anyone! So we stopped in the street and said a prayer asking for guidance and a miracle! It was amazing what happened next. We found a teen kid, sitting outside his house, basically waiting for us! We shared a message with him and saw that Heavenly Father really does have people prepared for us! We just have to ask His help to find them!

This week is christmas! Tomorrow we have the big activity where we get together with President Markham and his wife and we eat a ton of food and get to play games and get our packages!

Well, know that I love you all, that the Book of Mormon is true and has changed my life and that Christ is the Savior of the world!

Love you all!
Hermana Weatherford

A note from the mission president...

Dear Family Sister Olivia Teigen Weatherford, 

With much appreciation I inform you that your daughter has been named as a Leader Training Sister. Therefore, be responsible for the training and welfare of missionary other divisions carrying out every six weeks each fellowship under his charge. Your work will motivate, encourage, inspire, and uplift. It will participate on the boards of mission leaders. 

She has been chosen as a leader for inspiration and because of their experience and exemplary work in service to the Lord. I'm very confident Sister Weatherford and am grateful for his work as excellent in the mission field. 

Les appreciation, 

Melvin G. Markham 


*this was translated within the email. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

week 8...

So, I have 6 weeks in this area and I just got the call that I'm leaving. Welp. It was fun, Patulul! Tomorrow I'm out, and I officially start my last change of the mission (sniff sniff!)

This week soooo much happened! We had to go to the capital 2 times! (that's at least 3 hours on bus from our area) The first time was to sign visa papers for my companion (we were there waiting for 8 hours. We didn't get back to our area until 8:20 pm!!) and then to go to a meeting for new missionaries. That was exhausting!

Yesterday we got the call that I'm leaving. That was a shock. So we went to spend a pday with one of my favorite families here in Patulul! La Familia Rivera Roche. They're amazing. And soooooo poor. It's often that they don't have enough money to eat every meal of the day and end up eating just one or two meals. But they are soooo generous! We went to eat enchiladas mexicanas with them and I ended up giving away my music player and my straight iron while i was there. (good thing I'm leaving now or i would end up giving them the clothes off my back!)

Today we had zone training and learned about the rules that we need to be more exactly obedient in following. I learned a lot about being exactly obedient and diligent!

With much love, 
Hermana Weatherford

Note from Mom: One of Teigen's companions wrote about an earthquake so I quickly wrote T a note and asked why she never told us!! Come on now, this is news we want to know. Apparently it's NBD, she's been through 6-7. Such a non issue that she doesn't even keep count. But the new companion...I guess it was shocking enough.

I had asked her to think about what she wanted to do upon her return to America. Our drive from the airport will take over an hour so it's a great time to get in a special treat...if she knew what she wanted to do. Her response: I've thought about it and the first foods that i want to eat are indian or mediterranean food, egg and onion enchiladas (family recipe) and coke. but i have to wait until i'm released to drink the coke... and maybe some ganache cake (other family thing) would be good! but really, i'm down with any kind of american food!

I want her to keep serving. I know she's doing good works in Guatemala. But I admit, I am counting the weeks!

T said this was a "special" picture of her and a chocobanana.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

sorry... did i say week 9 last time? NOW it's week 9... oops.

First off, THANKSGIVING!! Woohoo! We had pie, bread, roasted chicken, i made mashed potatoes and we drank eggnog and sparkling cranberrry juice. You may think to yourself "wow, Guatemala isn't actually that bad off." but that's wrong. just know that i've been searching for weeks to scrounge up those things. But it was so worth it!!

Moving on with the week... We had a Dia Blanco, where many people are baptized in the same service and it's sooo cool! We baptized a little girl name Beberly. She's so pilas.

Happy December! The church came out with a new video called He is the Gift. If you haven't seen it, go and do so now at This video has made me cry more times than I can count. It's so good and only 3 minutes long!!

So, not much else to tell. This week I went on divisions with one of my friends from the CCM. We had a blast looking at how much we've accomplished and who we've all become. And she hinted at the fact that my companion is leaving the area... So in a week and half we'll probably be having changes. Headsup.

One funny thing that happened this week is that we were sitting on the curb talking to some of our recent converts and a little neighbor kid came by to talk to us. But that kid is soooo hyperactive. He saw that my skirt was drenched from having washed laundry by hand and started touching my skirt. And then, not even thinking, he lifted up my skirt! I was so shocked and everyone else just started dying of laughter. The teenage convert then went around and told everyone in the neighborhood. I was so embarrassed. The poor little kid was even more embarrassed... Children.

Yesterday we went to visit a place called Parma, it's a cheese and ice cream place. The picture is of our district and our district leader is not too happy.... haha

Love you all so much!

Hermana Weatherford

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

week 9.... (*my calendar says 10)

This week is Thanksgiving week!!! wooohooooo!! If you're wondering, no, they don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Guatemala, but my companion and I are going to make a dinner of our own! Fried chicken and mashed potatoes is almost the same, right?

This week we had zone pday! We went to Tiquisate (aka burn your skin off city) and had a water balloon fight and played tug of war over the tiny blow up pool! I was the first to get pulled in... haha We had a ton of fun and then bought way expensive food and my companion bought a ton of clothes and ate a liter of ice cream :)

My companion and I tried on really ugly wigs... 

Not much else to tell...

OH! We had two baptisms and two confirmations of some great kids! They're so amazing. It was a good baptismal service even though basically no one was there... haha

This month of November, Heavenly Father has asked us to help 400 of his children be baptized. We're soooo close! This weekend my companion and I have the goal of baptizing 5. So far we only have 1 who has accepted. Help us out and pray! We're almost there, just a little bit more work and looooots of faith :)

I love you all so much! Know that the Lord loves each of us individually and is aware of our personal needs. 

With love,
Hermana Weatherford 

I'm fairly certain...these aren't wigs!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week 11

Things are great here! We have 2 baptisms set for this weekend on Saturday! Everything is going great!

I don't have much time to write (so sorry!) but here are a few pictures attached! One is of my new haircut! My hair was getting long, but it turns out that basically all of it was dead and dry thanks to the sun. So, my companion cut it! It's not lopsided, that's just how the picture turned out... 

The other picture is of a lady who we gave service to by chopping wood!

Love you all!
Hermana Weatherford

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

week 12

from the start, let me just tell you that this week there are no pictures. We didn't take any and I tried to take one right now that left us looking like drug addicts. so... this week... not so much. sorry guys.

But we do have a couple cool stories to tell!

We received a call on Thursday telling us that we had to find 2 miracles that day. So we went searching and searching and didn't find anything. We were getting on a mini bus to go back to the main part of our area and a man tapped on my shoulder, signaling for me to get down and talk to him. He then told us that he was a member who was just moving from Nimajuyu (the capital, a part of the Guatemala City South Mission) to Cocales, a part of our area. His girlfriend wants to get baptized and needs missionaries to teach her. We were shocked! What a miracle! And so, we went to visit them. They're sooooo cool. They've been through so many trials and she is so prepared. She's getting baptized this month, for sure!

So, that was the most spiritual thing that happened this week! But a ton of funny stuff happened too. We had a water fight while washing a woman's clothes, a member popped her zits during a lesson with a really prepared woman, i started contacting a dog that was sleeping in the middle of the street and it got mad and bit me (didn't even break the skin, don't worry), some members think that i look exactly like their daughter that's serving a mission in Mexico and sometimes call me by her name and got chased down the street by some drunks (for not walking very straight, they sure can walk pretty fast! thankfully, they can't walk as fast as us ;)

Well... that's pretty much it. Nothing much else to tell... OH! Other than that starting this week, I only have 12 weeks left in the mission. Half of me wants to break into tears, but my companion and I are trying to make a game of it. So, I have a list of things I have to do each week to take advantage of the time I have left. (next week I learn to kill a chicken with my bare hands. eek.)

Love you all so much! Have a great week! Know that I love you and that the church is true!
Hermana Weatherford

Mom note: just because I'm cheeky, here are some pictures for today's post.



Tuesday, November 4, 2014


So, here I am in Patulul, Suchitepequez, part of the zone Tiquisate. And here it is HOT. I sweat aaaaaall the time. I've given up on looking attractive. It's just a dream from the past now... haha

My new companion is Hermana Alba. And I'm training her... They didn't exactly tell me I would be training again until 10 minutes before the change meeting started! haha Well, she's my 3rd daughter and I'm loving it! She has so much love for the mission! She has 1 month in the mission and is a nurse who used to own her own salon from Puebla, Mexico. So... she's giving me a haircut next week and she helps me when I'm sick, too. It's the best!

This week we had a baptism! It was such a relief because I haven't had a baptism in 6 months. And that's a looooooong time. But it just shows me that Heavenly Father wasn't punishing me, He just wanted me to work really hard and be grateful for the blessings when they came.

My area is amazing and I LOVE THE COAST! It's so hot that we have 2 fans in the house, 1 dusty blanket rolled up in the corner and there is no way to heat up the water to bathe with. And it doesn't matter! When it rains, we don't even use umbrellas. We just get wet and keep working!

I love you all sooooo much! Next week I will have more baptism pictures. This month we're going to baptize like crazy!


Hermana Weatherford

*Apparently there is a Facebook page for Patulul as well as a Wikipedia entry. The Wikipedia has about 2 sentences!

sorry folks, this is the email from last week that didn't want to send. but here it is!

well, I've been in this area (Calvario, Patzicia, Zone Solola) for 5 changes, or 7 months! I know all of the members and the investigators, my name is on all of the papers in the area book and I have the area memorized!

....and they still can't pronounce my last name. oh well.

haha but it's been a blast! i haven't really seen much success in the way of baptisms, but i know that I have changed completely from when I came into the area in April!

I haven't exactly baptized for the last 6 months... but soon! This next month is the month of miracles! Even though they're closing our area, the ovejas will find their pastor!

Keep me in your prayers tomorrow! Who knows where I'm going (could be to the coast)