CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

another week wiser and growing closer to General Conference​!

March continues on with the goal of 400 baptisms and we're working hard! We haven't gotten there yet, but we are working super hard to get there! We need all of your help and prayers :)

Here in Ribera del Rio there isnt much else to tell. My camera doesnt work, so, I am sorry but there wont be any pictures this week!

My companion and I are working hard, trying to get at least one more baptism in this month and it is going to be DIFFICULT. We have 3 possiblities, who arent looking too positive at this moment, but we have faith that its all going to work out!
We have been reading the Book of Mormon to prepare us to hear and apply the words of the prophets in the General Conference! Just 2 weeks away and we are sooo excited! Reading Ether right now and we finish the April 4th.
Love you all and I am so sorry that I dont have more to say! I promise that next week will be better :)

Lots of love and wishes of health!
Hermana Weatherford

Friday, March 14, 2014


well this last weekend we baptized a woman who is 91 years old. But she can chew out people better than I can. She is PURE ATTITUDE. and she's super cool. We loooooooove her!!! Her name is Teresa and she is an angel.
Here are a couple pictures of her baptism and my companion and i last pday goofing around.

As you all know, we are working toward the goal of 400 baptisms in march and to get to that goal we made a little sacrifice yesterday. Instead of finishing pday at 5 pm, we finished at 3. My companion and I were sooooo tired and it was soooooo hot! but it was great!!

that's all for this week, know that i love you all!

hermana weatherford

mil disculpas! March 4

I'm so sorry I didn't write last week! We were crunched for time and when we were nearing close to the end of our time, the power went out on the whole block. we waited for awhile, but it didn't come back, so we just gave up.
First off, a couple pictures from when we went to the temple a couple weeks ago.

The first one of my companion and I and then of our district. On the left, the zone leaders. Then me and Hermana Sol and on the right, Elder Parker and Elder Etter (our district leader).
And about changes this transfer.... We got the call yesterday morning and my companion and I are staying together again! That's really strange, because I've already been in the area 3 transfers (about 4 months) and at the end of this transfer it will be about 6 months in such a teeny tiny area! It's really weird, but we're happy. I love my companion and we get along really well. We have a few baptisms lined up that I really want to see, too!
It's been a great week! We definitely faced our challenges. This week more than anything was with health! It's been super hot and we didn't drink or eat much for awhile and when we ate I got really sick! I could hardly walk and I ended up puking in the street in front of a member! It was super embarrassing but afterwards we saw a lot of blessings!
that’s all for this week! love you all!
hermana weatherford

Blessings and Miracles!! Feb 17

This week was pretty exciting and full of miracles! I can't say all of them, but here are a few...

-We had a baptism!! An 8 year old of a family we're teaching decided to be baptized! His parents are still working out all of their paperwork so that they can get married, but they're super pilas and are going to do great in supporting their son!
-All of our converts have gone to church this month! That means that we're not just baptizing to baptize, but to keep our converts in the gospel too!
-We had divisions this Wednesday. Divisions are when we separate (one of us here in Ribera and the other in another area) and work with other sisters from different areas. These 2 sisters that we worked with are super duper pilas and we definitely learned a lot from them! I went to Prados (an area that really isn't too far from mine, and the area my comp was in before coming to Ribera!) and DIED from the heat. It's really the same climate as our area, but they were burning a bunch of trash, so it was extra extra hot.
-One of our positive investigators changed schools! She was studying every Sunday, but she changed schools and is now studying Saturdays! She came to church and said that she knows she's going to be blessed for making that change. She's so cool. We're planning on her baptism March 2nd. She just has to stop drinking coffee (one of her Personal Progress goals) and talk to her parents for permission. We're suuuuuuuper excited!
-We're going to the temple tomorrow! The temple isn't open Mondays, so that's why we're writing Monday. But only today is different. And tomorrow we're going to go to the temple (really early! we have to be ready to travel at 6 am, so we probably have to wake up at 3ish. yuck.), go to the distribution center, eat as a zone and then go play some games or something. woohoo! i'll send pictures, don't worry :)
-Because we're going to the temple tomorrow (bright and early), 2 missionaries from an area far away are here with us in our area! We're going to do divisions and visit a ton of people! And then they're going to sleep in our house the night and we'll all go off to the temple together :)
Well, that's what's going down in Ribera del Rio. My companion and I are working super hard and doing some great stuff :) Thank you for all of your prayers!
Hermana Weatherford