CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Only 15 days left!

We're over halfway into transfer and things are going!

This week was a hard one, but we also had some good times!
One of our investigators is kinda wacky. Last week we had a lesson with him and he said he didn't believe in God, but he believes in telepathy. He then said "I called you with my mind and you came today, not Thursday". So.... yeah. Then later in the week we stopped by to say hi and he shook all of our hands and I was last and he kissed my hand, called us "princesas" and "angelitas" and then we left. Fast.

We have a weekly english class that we teach that is SO FUN! We had such a good time with it! People love it and it's super nonthreatening. It's a good way to get investigators :)
A woman that we visited to sing a song and share a message died about 2 days later. That was really sad, but I think her family is okay and she died peacefuly.
Last transfer the Zone El Frutal was the most successful and so yesterday we got food from President and Hermana Brough! We ate ham, funeral potatoes, salad and sugary bomb cookies. (Ham and lettuce are against the rules for us because they're so hard to get clean. but when the president makes them, we can eat them :)
Stake conference was great! We heard Richard G Scott and President Eyring and Sister Wixom. Who knew that Richard G Scott could speak spanish?!? That was awesome!

We're trucking along here. We're having a hard time find new investigators and setting baptismal date (everyone here is so scared of committment! gah!). We're working together and trusting in the Lord! Things are going to turn out alright and I feel like before the end of the week we're going to have a baptismal date. I just know it :)
Thank you for your support and love as always! If you want to send me a letter or whatnot, send it to

Hermana Teigen Weatherford
Guatemala City Central Mission
Apartado 921-A Zona 9
01009 Guatemala City
Guatemala Guatemala
All of the love from Guatemala!
Hermana Weatherford

I suspect that Hermana is hinting for us to write her letters! Just postage is $1.10. And you can use Dear Elder for free.  Now, I've got to get back to my letter! ~B

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

3 Weeks into the Transfer!!

Today is the halfway mark in the transfer and I've given myself the right of looking back to see how much I've learned! I've definitely progressed as a person, learned more about the area, how to be a better teacher, how to push myself and how to rely on the Lord at all times! Oh, and my spanish has progressed too :)
This week was very eventful.

I've had a few opportunities to speak English while proselyting and that has been HARD. I forgot the word chapel. I usually try to speak in Spanish as soon as I can, so that I don't sound like an idiot.

We went to a sketch restaurant and I'm pretty sure the water wasn't pure... The next day I had a bit of a fever and felt off all day. That wasn't too fun.
I was chased by dogs 3 days in a row. One of them ripped part of my skirt. So.... I'm finding myself liking cats more and more every day!

One of our investigators told Hna. Cruz that she needed to talk to her ¨sacerdotes¨(or priests) and make right with her God. That KILLED me! I was trying so hard not to laugh during the lesson! He kept saying that Hna. Conover and I radiated with the love of the Lord, but that he felt Hermana Cruz needed to repent. hahaha.... We just said thank you, thank you, thank you and had a good laugh after we left.
We were told by many people this week that we need to be more smooth in getting people to make bapstimal commitments. One told me specifically that I was too direct and was pushing her and her husband away from the church. I felt really bad for about a day and a half, but then Hermana Brower (my ex comp) said that if we're not challenging people to come unto Christ by inviting them to make promises to the Lord, then we aren't doing our job as missionaries. People in Ribera del Rio don't want to change. We have lots of people who know it's the truth and are still wasting time! This does nothing! I've felt myself get more direct, but I also feel that the more direct I am, the more love I feel for the person. I KNOW that their life can change if they make the baptismal covenant and follow through on it for the rest of their lives! I KNOW this church is true. I KNOW that we need to show our love and gratitude for the Lord in all times and I now KNOW that by challenging people to make this decision, I'm fulfilling my purpose as a representative of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for all your support!

Hermana Weatherford

Just a few pictures: The first is of my companions and I last week, the other is the view outside of the chapel in Villa Canales.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Cumpliendo La Semana Perfecta...

This week was La Semana Perfecta and it was awesome!! We worked our little tails off and had such a good time with it! Met a bunch of newbies and a couple people we're hoping to set baptismal dates with this week!
At the end of the week we needed a baptism. We were looking and looking and looking and we found one candidate, but weren't able to teach him the Word of Wisdom in time (10 days before baptism, at least). His mom told us he drank coffee and we were reeeeally bummed at that. We went back a few days later and taught the Word of Wisdom and he told us he had only had FAKE coffee for the past week and a half! Our jaws dropped through the floor! It was fantastic! We then started making plans to teach him a super long lesson of 2 or 3 hours of all the lessons so that he could be baptized 2 days later. He wasn't quite sure about that, but we KNEW he was ready. We knew it to our very cores! Well, we went back to teach him and he wasn't there. We stopped by about 4 times that day and never found him. The next day his mom said to drop by around 3. We went by around 2 and 4. Still didn't find him. So we gave up for that weekend. We didn't have a baptism, and that's okay, but we're going to have one this weekend for sure. His mom then told us later that he was waiting for us at 3, but he was only home for about 45 minutes! GAH. That just about killed me! But we're going to visit him today or tomorrow and prep him for this weekend!
We had interviews with the mission president today and those were fantastic! I swear, give it 15 years and that man will be an apostle. He is perfect. Okay, maybe not perfect, but he's pretty close. I got SO lucky in terms of the mission! The Guatemala City Central mission is obedient, diligent, hard working and hopeful! There are miracles happening right and left and we're going to see more and more, I'm sure of it!
One of the things President Brough said to me is that he's urging missionaries to pick a gift to give to Christ for Christmas. This could be an attribute you choose to develop, a sacrifice or something that requires effort on your part to change! Mine I chose would be charity, or Christlike love. It's something I've really wanted to develop, and now I have the perfect opportunity! I invite all of you to also pick something that you want to develop and dedicate that change to Christ. Set goals and try to achieve it by Christmas! It'll be a worthwhile project, I just know it :D
That's all I have to say for now! I know that the Lord loves us. I know we just have to try our best until we just can't give any more and then we'll have done our part, and He'll give us all He has in return. I'm so happy to serve a mission and to serve the people of Guatemala!
Love you all!
Hermana Weatherford

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ribera del Rio

I'm in a new area! Woopdeedoo! It's richer, smaller and less receptive to the gospel, but we're working our tails off here!
I'm in another trio! It's not too bad, but I'm a little curious as to how this "preaching the gospel two by two" thing works! haha, only a few more weeks until I find out! I'm with Hna. Cruz (from some place in Mexico) and Hna. Conover (from near San Francisco) who I entered the CCM with! She's a whovian, it's fantastic. We have a good time, but we also work reeeally hard. They're both really good examples to me :)
We went to the temple on Friday for some converts of my companion's! It was incredible!
Everyone in the mission is working on the Semana Perfecta. We have different goals each day we have to hit and we're working on it with all of our force! At the end of the week we all have to have a baptism. Every companionship... We had about 2 or 3 lined up and they all fell through. Praying for a miracle would be really appreciated about now!
We're exactly obedient in everything. We obey all the rules and then some more. We study hard, pray all the time and walk devilishly fast. We're doing everything we've been asked and I have faith we're going to get that baptism!
Well, that's it for this week! Know that I love you and pray for you all daily! The Lord has a plan for us and we just gotta trust in Him to find it :)

Hermana Weatherford

PS: sorry for no pics, i can't find a USB port and i don't really have many to send anyways :)
ps: i can't send pictures of what i see day to day because if i take my camera out people will steal it. sorry, but ill try to get what i can