CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

White Christmas

On December 25th we had a baptism. It was really awesome  PS, my computer went all crazy and wont make any exclamation marks or smiley faces. soo... if this lacks emotion, Im very sorry.

The little boy is Wilson Romero. Hes so cute and he loved his Christmas baptism.

The other picture is of our Christmas eveª Here they celebrate it with fireworks and tamales and family. It-s awesome and we ate so much that it almost didn-t stay down. But luckily, there were no accidents on Christmas Eve. 

Sorry about my email last week... It was pretty bad, I can admit that.

This week I went on divisions to Ribera del Rio, one of my areas that I was in for 6 months. It was great seeing my converts again, one who is on the verge of going on a mission, ready with his papers, just waiting for his birthday. He-s sooo  pilas.

That-s all I have for this week. Know that I love you all, have an amazing New Years Eve and celebrate responsibly 

Love youª
Hermana Weatherford

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