CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

week 6.

So, life is good!

This week we had a Christmas activity with 3 other zones and had a good time playing games and eating Thanksgiving food! I kind of got a little sick afterwards... i guess my body isn't used to anything more than chicken, beans and rice. haha..

We went on divisions to Bilboa this week and slept on the floor. The curly haired girl is my companion, Hermana Oliphant.

Love you all, talk to you Thursday!

 Mom Note: I did tell her that I didn't see any curly haired girl and what was up with the glasses!? But it was too late to get any response.  *sad face*'s 44 days until Teigen returns to Oregon! People kept telling me that she would "be here before I knew it!" and my response was kind of disbelief. So I counted the days and now I can respond with exact numbers. When I get the flight time...I will add that to my countdown!

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