CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

3 Weeks into the Transfer!!

Today is the halfway mark in the transfer and I've given myself the right of looking back to see how much I've learned! I've definitely progressed as a person, learned more about the area, how to be a better teacher, how to push myself and how to rely on the Lord at all times! Oh, and my spanish has progressed too :)
This week was very eventful.

I've had a few opportunities to speak English while proselyting and that has been HARD. I forgot the word chapel. I usually try to speak in Spanish as soon as I can, so that I don't sound like an idiot.

We went to a sketch restaurant and I'm pretty sure the water wasn't pure... The next day I had a bit of a fever and felt off all day. That wasn't too fun.
I was chased by dogs 3 days in a row. One of them ripped part of my skirt. So.... I'm finding myself liking cats more and more every day!

One of our investigators told Hna. Cruz that she needed to talk to her ¨sacerdotes¨(or priests) and make right with her God. That KILLED me! I was trying so hard not to laugh during the lesson! He kept saying that Hna. Conover and I radiated with the love of the Lord, but that he felt Hermana Cruz needed to repent. hahaha.... We just said thank you, thank you, thank you and had a good laugh after we left.
We were told by many people this week that we need to be more smooth in getting people to make bapstimal commitments. One told me specifically that I was too direct and was pushing her and her husband away from the church. I felt really bad for about a day and a half, but then Hermana Brower (my ex comp) said that if we're not challenging people to come unto Christ by inviting them to make promises to the Lord, then we aren't doing our job as missionaries. People in Ribera del Rio don't want to change. We have lots of people who know it's the truth and are still wasting time! This does nothing! I've felt myself get more direct, but I also feel that the more direct I am, the more love I feel for the person. I KNOW that their life can change if they make the baptismal covenant and follow through on it for the rest of their lives! I KNOW this church is true. I KNOW that we need to show our love and gratitude for the Lord in all times and I now KNOW that by challenging people to make this decision, I'm fulfilling my purpose as a representative of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for all your support!

Hermana Weatherford

Just a few pictures: The first is of my companions and I last week, the other is the view outside of the chapel in Villa Canales.

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