CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

another week wiser and growing closer to General Conference​!

March continues on with the goal of 400 baptisms and we're working hard! We haven't gotten there yet, but we are working super hard to get there! We need all of your help and prayers :)

Here in Ribera del Rio there isnt much else to tell. My camera doesnt work, so, I am sorry but there wont be any pictures this week!

My companion and I are working hard, trying to get at least one more baptism in this month and it is going to be DIFFICULT. We have 3 possiblities, who arent looking too positive at this moment, but we have faith that its all going to work out!
We have been reading the Book of Mormon to prepare us to hear and apply the words of the prophets in the General Conference! Just 2 weeks away and we are sooo excited! Reading Ether right now and we finish the April 4th.
Love you all and I am so sorry that I dont have more to say! I promise that next week will be better :)

Lots of love and wishes of health!
Hermana Weatherford

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