CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Goodbye Ribera del Rio, Hello...

In my mission I've had 5 changes or transfers (a period of 6 weeks) here in the field (one in the CCM). 1 of them was in Amatitlan, and the other 4 have been here in Ribera del Rio. It's a tiny area, and everyone knows me, even if they can't pronounce my last name... But after about 6 months, I'm leaving!

Yesterday morning we got the call. Tomorrow morning all of the missionaries in the mission will join together in a huge chapel and we'll find out where we go. I've spent ALL of my mission here in the Capitol, so I'll probably go to the
This week has been pretty good, but super hot! The week before Easter is called Semana Santa and is a Catholic holiday (even bigger than Christmas for them!). The have some strange activities, like doing a portrayal of the death of Christ. They beat and whip some poor volunteer and then they crucify him with rope. He doesn't die, but he's left in pretty bad shape. So, that's a fun catholic tradition.
Hermana Sol and I have had a good run together. We've worked hard and I really love this girl! She's taught me a ton of mexican slang and taught me to love chile! But she's going to get another companion now who needs her smile and positivity!

with much love,
hermana waetherford
[note: I did not alter her signature! Apparently the locals are the only ones having trouble with her name!]

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