CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

General Conference was so great! 4/8

This weekend was FANTASTIC! I loved the messages that we heard and thought of specific people as each message was given! It was a truly inspired conference and I loved it.

We went to the stake center to watch it, so many of our investigators didn't make it, which really made me sad. A few little girls came and they were bugging poor Hermana Sol the entire time! Afterwards I heard about it and chewed them out HARDCORE. They were pretty quiet and just kept asking me "are you angry with us?". haha it was pretty fun and i think they learned a little bit about paying attention in church!
This week has been hot and it's about to get hotter Semana Santa is coming, it starts this Friday I think. It's a week that's pretty big around here and there are a lot of traditional foods! But it also gets pretty darn hot. So, my companion and I are going to turn into human raisins :)

Yesterday we had a zone pday! It was pretty great! We gathered together, played soccer (i hurt my ankle, but it was well worth it!) and then went to buy taco bell! Afterwards my companion and i went to a grocery store with a lot of things from the states! We bought a lot of gringo things (i got her hooked on the cereal Life!) and then went home to clean and get ready for the day.
I've started the project of reading Doctrine and Covenants! I have everything planned out to read 2 sections a day and i'm going to finish on June 11th! whoohoo!

Well that's all I have to share today! Don't forget the invitation made to all members to invite 4 people every year to listen to the missionaries! It's ALL about the members! They're the ones with the friends :)

Love you all!
Hermana Weatherford
[they didn't come through this week]

Parental Note: I think I said this in October but it's no less true in April: I love that we all watch conference at the same time. It's like a connection over long distance, we listen to the same speakers, sing the same songs and raise our hands at the same time to sustain our leaders. I wasn't aware that my missionary did this in English! That's pretty awesome as well!

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