CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Hello Devoted Readers! I have a treat for you today....we got a paper letter from Hermana W! It came at the perfect time as well...Kylie and I were working hard and rewarded ourselves with a letter break! Hermana W included a letter to each Kylie, Sofie and I. Of course, we passed the letters around until we had read every last word she wrote.

Here are the highlights:

About Guatemala: Everything is super cheap, the streets are super busy, no one pulls to the side of the road for ambulance or anything, at the airport people kept eyeing our luggage so we had to guard it, the food is amazing (I’ve already gained weight!), some people speak English, actually a lot of people speak at least some English, it rains every once in a while (like every other day) and really hard. I don’t really know what else to say! We have washing machines here and the wind is really nice and breezy. There are gates outside some building and armed security guards everywhere. Not too scary though, they leave us alone.

But some things are a little weird. The air pollution isn’t too bad, but there are cars and buses everywhere, going super fast! Honking and screeching and lights at all times of the day and night. And on the short walk to the computer lab or temple, we see 2 or 3 security guards with shotguns. Or people falling out of moving vans or motorcycles with ladders on the back. Man, I love the ghetto. Not every place, but a lot of places have gates around them and almost everywhere they have personal armed security guards.

Apparently the traffic really weirds her out. She also mentioned to each of us the security guards. I'm not sure how I feel about that...I mean, I guess it's necessary. I am very glad that she's behind a gate for now!

More food:

The food is seriously like CafĂ© Rio. This morning we had breakfast burritos and fried bananas. We eat SO much food, but we eat every 5 hours. Fast Sunday is going to suck. My stomach hates me, but my tongue loves it. That was a weird sentence, but it’s true.
THE CCM President says he’s a partner at the Taco Bell on 9th, so I told him that you and I ate everything on the menu and he said “Well, you helped me fund my mission. Thank You.”
In case you missed that tidbit...Sofie and Teigen had a Summer 2013 goal of eating every item on the Taco Bell menu. They went to the one on 9th street. And the last round was pretty pricey because they needed the big ticket items. It was insane. The three of us had dinner and lunch the next day. Ugh.
A Corvallis friend:
Hermana Bender- She has been such a blessing to me. We talk about home, her siblings, her family, the ward, the Portland temple, what not. She’s going to the Guatemala City East mission. She only has 1 week left till she enters the field! I’m so excited for her.
She wrote about the cat:
I actually miss him! I haven’t seen a live animal in awhile. It’s just dorms and dorms and classrooms for me.
And finally, a little review of her day:
I love my classes! I have tons of Spanish every day and gospel classes a little too, but mostly language. I’ve already learned it all, so people think I’m a pro, but I’m so not.
Cheeky girl!


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