CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Countdown to Christmas!

Transfers are tomorrow and the verdict is in....

Hermana Cruz and I are staying together in Ribera del Rio and Hermana Conover is leaving!

This makes 7.5 months in a super tiny area for Hna. Cruz. Pobrecita... But that also means that after this cambio (when she goes home), I'll probably stay in the same area. So... 4.5 months in a suuuuuper tiny area? Bring it on!

This week was pretty fun. We learned a lot about the importance of unity in a companionship and the importance of exact obedience (again. we're always learning that lesson.)

We had a bit of a problem with our members... So we told President Brough in our weekly letters. We later found out he chewed out the Stake President, who then chewed out our bishop and the bishop chewed out our ward mission leader! Things are changing though, we can definitely see the difference.

In Guatemala on December 7th there is a tradition to burn little devil piƱata things. It's Quema del Diablo or something. I dunno. But that was pretty fun! It wasn't really that crazy, because we live in a pretty safe area, but the fire crackers were LOCOS. They call them bombas. And that's really what they are. The worst is praying or teaching during those. You can't focus. At all. I hear they get pretty bad for Christmas. Also, the kinds that go up in the sky and rain down colored lights aren't illegal. So, it's pretty and also a little frightening...

I went on division on Thursday and went to an area near my first area, Amatitlan. We went to Sonora and in a part called Gran Plan. It's like metal roofs and rocky dirt roads type Guatemala. And there I saw my first dead dog! It's a surprise that it's taken me so long to see one before considering all of the stray dogs around here. It had only been dead for a day but it's eyes were already gone and there were 2 gaping holes in its side. One of the girls asked who is going to come clean it up, and Hna. Saavedra said that here they just let them rot away or other animals eat it. So, that's a new experience.

We have a bunch of investigators who are progressing really well! On the 22 of December we're going to have a Dia Blanco where a bunch of investigators get baptized in the stake center! We're planning a bunch of baptisms for that day. Give us a hand and pray for us to achieve those baptisms!

Thank you for all of your support! I love you all!
Hermana Weatherford

PS. here's a picture from a couple pdays ago when we ate with the president as a zone!

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