CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Post Thanksgiving Letter:

Adding a few pictures of our district pday yesterday! Then I'll send another with the rest of our week, including Thanksgiving! (don't get your hopes up, it was pretty sad.)
This week was pretty crazy! It suddenly got cold. And by cold, I mean 60 degrees and really windy. But still, I have 2 sweaters and one of them I lent to our Ward Mission Leader's daughter. I doubt I'll see it again :(
I have a knack for getting attacked by dogs. Who knows why, but they hate me. They always attack me. I got chased by one in the street and ran away screaming while my comps tried to beat it away. The people just looked and laughed at the hermanita running away from the dog.
On Thanksgiving we did nightly planning in 20 minutes and rushed to make the most pathetic and satisfying thanksgiving dinner I've ever had. We had powdered potatoes, slices of turkey and beans. Because, beans are with everything here. The lunch we had was way better, but definitely not even slightly gringo. Puro chapin. (Note from Biana: I google translated this...I still don't understand)
One of our investigators is BOSS: We taught the word of wisdom and he accepted it so fast! He's so prepared. We're going to see his baptism in december. I just know it! He also has 12 dogs and he prayed for them in his ending prayer. That made my heart all squishy. This guy is SO COOL.
So... one problem we had this week was the members. I think they hate us. The bishop is complaining about us in meetings of all the bishops in the stake with our zone leaders. Our ward mission leader and the son of the bishop kept interrupting us during lessons and don't like the way we teach. The 2nd counselor and his wife say that we're too forward and are scaring people away. It's been pretty hard. I'm not sure what we're going to do, other than remind them of our divine calling. We're going to tell them about what their role is and how they can better fulfill it. And stop correcting the poor little hermanas who are working their butts off to help Ribera del Rio.
Members are really important and I've come to realize that during the past week. They can bear strong testimony, they can friendship investigators and they can help the missionaries find the people prepared by the Lord to accept the gospel. It's SO important that the ward members know their role and strive to fulfill it to the best of their ability! I'm grateful for the support we do receive from the ward and all the enthusiasm they have for the work! And I can't wait to be a ward member and do my best to help out the mission work when I get home!

Love you all and wish you a happy holiday season!!
Hermana Weatherford


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