CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Navidad viene ya...

Things are getting up to Christmas season! This week is going to be pretty crazy fun!

Tomorrow we will work with the Stake President and then he will take us to San Miguel Petapa, where we will work with some other sister missionaries and spend the night at their apartment. The next morning we will wake up bright and early to be in El Frutal at 3:30 in the morning. From there our zone and a couple others will get on buses and go the temple in Guatemala City! We'll do a session there and then go play games, eat food, watch videos (approved, of course) and listen to a really special devotional. After that we go home and work!
Then on the 24th, we'll be spending a few hours after finishing working to eat with them! We'll spend a few hours there, then return to the house at 12 am and we have pday the next day! I'm pretty excited :)
This past week was really great. Hermana Cruz and I are working together really well. She tells me about Pachuca and how different Mexico is from Guatemala. She has such a great sense of humor and really helps me when I'm down.

We received a reference from the stake president for a young boy who is 9 years old. We went to visit him and he was really interested! We challenged him to baptism and he said yes! His family are all members and after we left they asked him how he felt and if he really knew what being baptized meant. He said yes and that he wanted to do it. So, we went back a couple times and visited him and everything was going great. Then 2 nights ago we went by and his father answered the door. He said that we shouldn't waste our time, that his son wasn't interested and that we need not come back. That made me soooooooooo mad. I was standing on the side of the street crying when Hermana Cruz offered to say a prayer. She talked about how everyone has their agency and we need to respect that, but that only the Lord can open the heart of the boy's father.
I'm thankful that my companion was able to see more of the long run in that moment. Agency is a God given gift and I'm so glad we all get to make our own decisions to follow Christ or not. We've gone back with the mother of the boy and she says that it's going to take time, but that we can visit the boy during the day when the father isn't there. He doesn't think his son is ready, or knows how big of a committment baptism is. So, we're going to keep teaching the son and one day he'll tell his father how he feels. Prayer are always appreciated :)
Well, that's it for this week! Thank you for all of your support and for the strength you give me everytime I read your letters and emails! Especially thank you for thinking of me during the holiday season! It's good to know I have people watching out for me!
Thank you, lots of love and merry christmas!!
Hermana Weatherford

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