CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Another week older and wiser too!

[It's true, I have an amazing missionary! She absolutely rocks!]

So, this week we learned a lot about GRATITUDE and POSITIVITY! This was cause to a few experiences!

1. I just wrote this to my mother, but this week we had a run in with a rather drunk man. This Sunday we were teaching a lesson at the door of a woman, leaving behind a pamphlet and we were about to say the prayer when a drunk guy comes out of NOWHERE and starts shouting at me in drunk english, telling me to speak english. Obviously, I ignored him and didn't. I turned my head to talk to the woman and in that moment the drunk man got mad and full on hit me on my back! I was so shocked and a little offended (and it hurt quite a bit), but we left at that point. Then he started weaving a whole tapestry of horrible names at me. After that it was REALLY hard to keep my mouth shut about what had happened, but then I realized that I need to stop spreading the bad moments of one person who was affected by alcohol to the world. But then I realized that I was the one who was blessed! I'm learning so much from when I suffer and I'll be a better person for it! I've already seen the blessings of suffering and the one who really lost in that situation was HIM. not me :)

My companion says that in the short bit of time that we've been together, she's seen that people have mistreated me more than any missionary she's seen or heard of. haha, I guess I just have a lot of luck in the drunk man department!

2. In our mission we have the goal that every companionship will baptize in June! We had everything set up for the 14th, but the date fell through (all thanks to the inactive husband!! GRRR.). But we've been sooooo blessed to have another date set up for this weekend! And this guy is SET. He's so ready! And if we had given up when our other date had fallen through, it would have been harder for the Lord to give us blessings!

My companion has had a hard time with hope and positivity, but to work with this, during divisions I came up with an idea! Every day we write 4 blessings on post it notes and put it on the wall! So far this is what we have (see the picture below!). It's been a really good way for my companion and I to see the Lord's hand in everything!

No weird food this week, sorry! Tomorrow we wake up at 3 am to go to a Goodbye Meeting for President Brough! The new president comes on the 26th. His name is President Markham!

Much love to all and I hope you have a GREAT week!

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