CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sorry for not writing last week.... And sorry for no pictures..​.

So, I'm kind of slacking off. Sorry. Next week there'll be pictures!

Yesterday my companion and I went to take pictures of us in traditional Guatemalan style of clothing! They turned out pretty cute! Next week.

This week the rain started! Here in Guatemala, there are only 2 seasons, Summer and Winter. Winter means that it rains. A lot. And it started a few days ago. It's been raining on and off since then and they say it's going to keep going for the whole week. And there's a myth in missionary work: they say that when it's raining, it's good, because more people accept you! FALSE. This week we literally had a conversation with a man, that went like this.

My comp: We're looking for Carolina. Can we talk to her please?
Man: She's not here.
My comp: Oh okay, but this message is for everyone, can we share something quick with you?
Man: Umm, i don't have much time.
My comp: just something really quick! can we come in for a second?
Man: it's raining.
My comp: That's why we want to come in.
Man: ... no. better another day *closes door*

haha, so that was a fun experience...

Also, my district found out what my name is and had a fun time trying to pronounce it. haha and I'm with one of my best friends from the CCM and a girl here read my blog before she came on the mission. And I'm going to complete 10 months this weekend! wooh. Pura viejita ;)

But something else happened this week! We put a baptismal date with an eternal investigator! She's been a bit of a slacker, but she likes us enough that she's decided that we're the missionaries that she wants to get baptized with! Woohoo! this June 14th we're gonna baptize her!

Next Tuesday we're going to Solola to have our zone conference and will take some buses to get there! Instead of just getting up and shouting a contact at the bus, my companion and I made up a song to singcontact all the people! So, I'm going to try and get a video, or maybe a few pictures of that. We'll see how it goes!

Love you all so much! Stay strong and enjoy the sun for me!

Hermana Weatherford

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