CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Eating Ants

Last week we did not receive pictures...this week no letter. It is my opinion that she's spending much of her media hour writing individual emails. I've included a few comments she sent me. And the pictures!

Regarding her blog:  I think the majority of people who don't know me who will read it will be girls who have received their calls to this mission and want to find out what it's like before coming. Thank you for putting in the effort! Actually, the other day I was thinking that I don't write everything in my journal that I write here in my emails. And not everything in my journal is in my emails. So, I'll be relying on a good record of my emails for when I get back! (after a short period of time of finishing the mission, the email account is deleted!)
I mentioned that I WAS going to go on vacation but it got cancelled:  A vacation sounds reeeeeeally nice. Just a day to sleep and not worry about getting up. Do whatever I want and not stress about meeting the goals, paying the bills and cleaning the house. Yeah, I get you. Let's do a vacation together. That sounds good.
I told her that sometimes her words were judgemental & tough while other times they were strong & uplifting. We had been talking about holding to standards: I try to help. Sometimes you want my advice, sometimes you don't. But you already know that I'm always going to chew you out for not obeying the commandments. [I didn't honor the Sabbath, it wasn't murder or using the Lord's name in vane, honest] And likewise, you do the same for me! To chew me out when I need to learn to have a little bit more love for my friends and companions. But that's why we always need to remember that there's always room to grow. And saying that we'll just be okay with not changing for the better for a bit is a sin in itself. [I told her that I appreciated her usual. It was a great reminder]
And....I sent her a picture of Tillamook Ice Cream: Oregon Hazelnut and Salted Caramel. I hope it's not a temporary flavor! I want to eat like 3 containers right now! I told the missionaries in my district and now we're all drooling. I honestly think that it torture. It's all frosty and everything! ugh. just a few more months.

eating sompopos de mayo! big flying ants. and pretty tasty too!

my comp and i last week trying on corte, the traditional clothes here :)

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