CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Baptisms are Happy

Only 7 Days Left in the Transfer!

Things are getting close to the end of the transfer and things are getting fast! We had a baptism this weekend and it was AMAZING! So so good. We had a bunch of things planned and it all got changed (a very long dramatic story...), so we ended up having the baptism in our chapel. It was very rushed and thrown together and messy! When she came out of the water I was flustered and stressed and was searching for a towel when she just started smiling and laughing! I totally forgot that she had come out clean and happy! That was a good wake up call.

We're going to be baptizing someone we've been waiting for for quite some time. I'm really excited and I know that the baptism is going to be just what everyone in the ward needs to get motivated and get out and work with us!

Well I don't have much time to write. I'm in the battle with technology and failing. BAD. the photos won't work and my SD card is fighting me. Ugh. But, I want you to know that the church is true, that Christ is my Savior and that sometimes we need to take a self assessment and stop rationalizing our actions. We need to view our lives like Christ would and cut out the bad. I'm trying to do that every day and como me cuesta! it's hard, but so so worth it.

Much love, and I will write you all in on next Thursday!

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  1. Sister Weatherford, there is an LDS Missionary Mom email group that you can join. Mothers of missionaries all over Guatemala belong to it. It's run by Betty Pearson. Just Google LDS Missionary Moms. I have a son in the East mission and the group has been a wonderful resource. Your daugther is amazing! -Sister Lewis