CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hermana Sol and Hermana Luna

People always ask my comp: donde esta hermana luna? And almost every time she points at me. We have gone through that a ton of times this week. Ugh. People stick with the same joke. That doesn't change culture to culture!
It was a good week! We found some people that could possibly be baptized in February or March. It's been good to find newbies, because my companion now feels a little bit more involved in the area. Poor thing, moving areas and not knowing anything is hard! Especially after moving from an area that she had been in for 6 months! She knew everyone and everyone knew her!
The members have been really inviting and we're going to start something new! Every Wednesday and Friday we're going to eat with the members. Maybe we can get to know them better that way, offer some service and also get some references! We also will cut down on the amount of money that we spend. This month I spent a bunch for cakes for retention meetings and weddings and whatnot. I'm left pretty much broke! But we'll see how this next month is!
Next week is my birthday and it just so happens to fall on pday! i'm pretty excited :) I think our district is going to get together to celebrate my birthday and that of another elder! It's going to be the best!
Yesterday Hna Sol and I were cleaning the house and found a bunch of old clothes. So what did we do with it? We splashed some horrible perfume on it and set it on fire on our patio! It was really fun. We still have a ton of old clothes from Hna. Cruz, but we've satisfied the pyromaniac urges for now!
Things are going great here, but we do ask for your prayers! In march we have a goal of 400 baptisms and we need help to reach it!
Thank you for keeping us in your prayers and hearts!
Much love,

Hermana Weatherford
I want to share a little bit of an email Teigen sent to me. We were talking about obedience.

Thank you. I love you. Remember that you too need to be obedient ;) I know I'm younger than pretty much everyone, but like I said, when we're obedient, the Lord gives us the right to tell other people to be obedient too. That's what I do every day! And because I'm obedient, I have the right to tell you to read your scriptures. Every day. You need the knowledge and the gift of the Spirit in your life. Don't cheat yourself of those blessings just because you're tired. Don't let Satan trick you into thinking that sleep is better than reading the scriptures. And there is no substitute for the Book of Mormon. If you want blessings, read that. Don't read manuals or spiritual thought books. Read pure scripture!

I thought to myself...she's right. Blunt, but right. I hope this lifts your spirit, like it did mine.

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