CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Music, Hard Work, a Wedding ...and...a List

Happy New Year!

This new year was a little different from any other I've experienced! We staying in our apartment and were in bed at 10:30. I put cotton in my ears and slept through the whole thing! It's a bit amazing that was possible, because at about mid day, a band set up a stage right outside of our house! The music was so loud you could hear it for at least 5 blocks in each direction. When we got into our house it was almost like you could hear it better than outside! We were shouting during our nightly planning until after about 5 minutes we gave up and shut the door to our closet room and studied in there (don't worry, it's an actual room, not just a little closet). A ton of the members gave us food and even one lady who works in a dairy shop (who doesn't want to listen to our message) gave us free cheese! It was pretty cool :)

We've gotten the schedule for what's coming up and it's going to be CRAZY! Elder. Quentin L. Cook will be visiting us the 22nd of January, so our cambios are the day before. That means I won't write until the 24th. Keep that in mind and don't write president brough because you didn't hear from me. It's coming up pretty soon! We only have 2 weeks left until cambios! And when you're with a missionary who is going home, things get really intense. We're going to work our butts off and i think we're going to get up at 5 or 5:30 every day in the last week. Ack.

This week we had divisions, where we go on splits with other sister training leaders who are to watch us and help us learn and set goals. One of the sisters came to my area and we worked throughout the day. I learned so much from her! She teaches with such energy and love and doesn't talk bad about anyone. We set a bunch of goals to help me work on that. At the end of it she told me that I was ready to train and should prep myself to be senior companion soon. That has me quite a bit worried! I don't feel ready at all! But if that's what the Lord wants me to do, I'll do it. My companion jokes about me opening areas and taking over her position as retention secretary for the zone and training at the same time. i usually just shoot her a death glare every time she mentions it! But I signed up for a mission to work! And if that includes training, I guess I'll do it. (but i'm secretly praying i don't have to for a couple more months...)

We are planning to have a wedding this Saturday and a giant day of all of the stake baptisms on Sunday. Things are looking pretty good for us to have 9 baptisms on Sunday! I'm very excited :)

Our zone leaders have asked us to make a list of people to pray for, our converts, our investigators and my companion and i added our goals too! I've attached the list to this email so that you all can pray for them too! Thanks :) [see below]

This week we did an area attack and it was fantastic! we found so many nuevos and had tons of lessons with members! It has been a really good week and we've been blessed so much! The work is progressing and I know that every companionship in our mission is going to baptize in January! Thank your for your prayers and support to help us reach our goal!

Much love,
Hermana Weatherford

Trabajamos Juntos y Pedimos Milagros

Trabajando en la obra del Señor, ¡necesitamos toda su ayuda! Ayúdenos a orar y pedir milagros por nuestros investigadores, conversos y a lograr nuestras metas.¡Gracias por su apoyo!
[Working in the Lord's work, we need all your support! Help us to pray and ask for miracles for our researchers, converts and achieve our goals. Thanks for your support!]
Investigadores [investigators]
Angelica Cac Agustín
Alan Orantes
Adriana McKnight
Marlon Velasquez
Saul Jean Pierre Alonzo
Jorge Masariegos

Conversos [converts]
Maria José Hernandez
Yeimi España
Melisa Ramirez
Leti Ibarra
Elisa Cardona
Lisa Cardona
Jorge Cardona
Familia Garcia

Metas [goals]
30 Bautismos en El Frutal en Enero
75% Retención en El Frutal en Enero
400 Bautismos en la misión en Marzo

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