CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

sorry folks, this is the email from last week that didn't want to send. but here it is!

well, I've been in this area (Calvario, Patzicia, Zone Solola) for 5 changes, or 7 months! I know all of the members and the investigators, my name is on all of the papers in the area book and I have the area memorized!

....and they still can't pronounce my last name. oh well.

haha but it's been a blast! i haven't really seen much success in the way of baptisms, but i know that I have changed completely from when I came into the area in April!

I haven't exactly baptized for the last 6 months... but soon! This next month is the month of miracles! Even though they're closing our area, the ovejas will find their pastor!

Keep me in your prayers tomorrow! Who knows where I'm going (could be to the coast)

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