CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

week 8...

So, I have 6 weeks in this area and I just got the call that I'm leaving. Welp. It was fun, Patulul! Tomorrow I'm out, and I officially start my last change of the mission (sniff sniff!)

This week soooo much happened! We had to go to the capital 2 times! (that's at least 3 hours on bus from our area) The first time was to sign visa papers for my companion (we were there waiting for 8 hours. We didn't get back to our area until 8:20 pm!!) and then to go to a meeting for new missionaries. That was exhausting!

Yesterday we got the call that I'm leaving. That was a shock. So we went to spend a pday with one of my favorite families here in Patulul! La Familia Rivera Roche. They're amazing. And soooooo poor. It's often that they don't have enough money to eat every meal of the day and end up eating just one or two meals. But they are soooo generous! We went to eat enchiladas mexicanas with them and I ended up giving away my music player and my straight iron while i was there. (good thing I'm leaving now or i would end up giving them the clothes off my back!)

Today we had zone training and learned about the rules that we need to be more exactly obedient in following. I learned a lot about being exactly obedient and diligent!

With much love, 
Hermana Weatherford

Note from Mom: One of Teigen's companions wrote about an earthquake so I quickly wrote T a note and asked why she never told us!! Come on now, this is news we want to know. Apparently it's NBD, she's been through 6-7. Such a non issue that she doesn't even keep count. But the new companion...I guess it was shocking enough.

I had asked her to think about what she wanted to do upon her return to America. Our drive from the airport will take over an hour so it's a great time to get in a special treat...if she knew what she wanted to do. Her response: I've thought about it and the first foods that i want to eat are indian or mediterranean food, egg and onion enchiladas (family recipe) and coke. but i have to wait until i'm released to drink the coke... and maybe some ganache cake (other family thing) would be good! but really, i'm down with any kind of american food!

I want her to keep serving. I know she's doing good works in Guatemala. But I admit, I am counting the weeks!

T said this was a "special" picture of her and a chocobanana.

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