CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

CIA, contacts, and scary tshirts

Another week has past by and I am still alive. Countin' my blessings. I don't think this email will be as long or nearly as interesting as the last, but if you're reading it, I don't think you'll mind.
Weirdest thing I've eaten: Mole. But it was way good. We helped a member in our ward make it yesterday for pday and it was fantastic! But I'm pretty sure she used water from the tap at one point.... Later that night I had a stomach ache. But it was worth it.
Weirdest thing that's happened: I went to contact this little old man in the street. Hna Brower went with me and just as we were introducing ourselves he interrupted us and said "I already know all about your church" (in english. fancy that.) He then proceeded to list off BOM prophets. So we just decided to testify and leave it at that, not to get into an argument. As we said good night and began to turn away, he looked at us and whispered "Ustedes son de cia?" We were confused to say the least. Then he said "C-I-A?" This little old man thought we were gringa spies sent to infiltrate Guatemala! We said no, and walked away laughing under our breath.
La obra misional: Things are going pretty well. We had divisions with a sister training leader this week and she set some goals for us. We now contact 20 people a day and 5 families (per hermana in our companionship). At first it was a little difficult, but it's turned out to be just fine. I think I'll be upping my goal soon.
One of our investigators (we'll call her Sir) told us that she thought everyone thought they had the truth and were right. It was sad as she shut down even our committments to pray with an open heart. That's all we asked and she said no, cause she'd already found Jesus. Well, after 3 visits, we say goodbye to Sir and hope that some other missionaries to visit her later.
The young couple we are visiting has decided to get married! The girl (her name shall be L) is 4.5 months pregnant and has wanted to get married for some time. Her boyfriend (also L) has agreed and they'll be getting married soon :) Only problem: we found out recently that L (male) only wants to get married to L (female) because there's a program that he qualifies for after marriage that allows him to learn english in 4 months. GRR. ...well, i have faith that if they do the right thing first and get married, the Lord will later give him the desire to do it for the right reason.
A couple weeks ago we found the cutest little old lady. We call her Abuelita. She can't hear to save her LIFE. Or see. It's made teaching her be a shouting match. My trainer said that we should try to use only simple clear words. Lucky me, I only know simple and clear words in spanish!! :D This sweet little old lady always wears a cardigan and a graphic tee. One day it was spongebob, the other day it was high school musical.
---Side note: Tons of people wear shirts with English on it and don't know what it means. I've seen baaaaaaad shirts. Ones that you should talk to your bishop about. And also some pretty funny ones. Yesterday we saw a man wearing a random girl's softball team shirt.
Spotlight on one more investigator: We'll call her Shadow. Shadow is the girl who I contacted after the tragic incident of September 2013 (reference earlier email to clarify). She's super sweet and has the cutest little baby girl ever. She lives with her mom (who speaks english. not that many people speak english, i swear.) and her sister. We're going to call her sister Candy. Now Candy is gorgeous. Drop dead gorgeous. And outgoing and nice and charismatic. She's so great that she's everyone's favorite. Even her mother. We went to teach Shadow and all her mother could do was talk about Candy. Until Candy arrived. And then she talked more about Candy. Poor little Shadow. Thus, we call her Shadow, because she is always in the shadow of her sister. Well, we went to talk to them 2 days ago for our appointment and Shadow said her sister wouldn't turn off the TV and when she asked, she still wouldn't turn it off. Then we set another date and as we left, her mother said "Somos evangelicas. No queremos escuchar su mensaje." That was weird. We're going to keep going back, but it's going to be hard to get Shadow away from her family who wants to control her.
Just a tid bit about General Conference: I hope you all watched it, cause as I heard things, I thought of you all specifically. I heard things that I know the apostles were inspired to say for your benefit. If you didn't get to watch or listen to it, I encourage you to please, please, please PLEASE take the time out and listen to the words of our Heavenly Father through His prophet and apostles. I promise that if you listen attently, you will find answers to the questions you didn't even know you had and you will leave a better, wiser person more ready to face the troubles of the world. Take my word for it, watch General Conference.
Well, that's it for this week. I have written a novel, and hopefully you'll all be done reading it by next week ;) Love you all lots and lots!
Hermana Weatherford
The missionaries are encouraged to share stories of the investigators that they meet with so that friends and family can pray for those people specificially. Some missionaries use names like Julie or Jose, some use initials and Teigen uses codes! This is going to be interesting!
Those who are can find General Conference online at There were some amazing talks. Personally, I loved Saturday morning President Uchtdorf and Sunday afternoon Elder Vinson and ALWAYS Elder Holland (Saturday afternoon). I add my voice to her was uplifting and so inspiring!
We Thank Thee for a Prophet

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