CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Zucaritas, Claro, and Humidity

I just LOVE Tuesdays!! Don't you?

Hello Family!
We're almost 4 weeks in the field, which puts me at more than 2 months in Guatemala! Time flies when you're having fun! scratch that- time flies when you're working your flipping butt off! haha, but it's good :)

Weirdest thing I've eaten: Once upon a time last pday, I made mac and cheese. My companions think I'm a fantastic cook because of it! (what can i say?) Well, we put the mac and cheese in the fridge and after a week it absorbed all of the banana flavors of the fridge. That was really nasty.

I found chocolate frosted flakes at the grocery store. They have marshmallows too. In spanish they're called "zucaritas" which literally means "little sugars". So I ate them. We're still waiting to find out if I got diabetes from it.
Weirdest thing that's happened: We were doing contacting with a member and she brought a friend of her's over to me and said "i'd like you to meet my missionary friend" (she didn't say my name cause I guess it's like impossible or something in spanish. ugh) then he said hello and i asked him if he was a member. he said no and then i said "pues, podemos cambiar esto..." and he said "claro!" and proceeded to give me his address. Some people are just prepared by the Lord :)

La Obra Missional: Super good stuff! We contacted 414 people this week and 109 families. Wooh!

Update on Abuelita. Well, this week we found out the the family who was taking care of her told her that if she got baptized that the bishop would pay for her to live in an old folk's home. That was the most tragic 45 minutes of my mission so far. Pobrecita :( We're still going to visit her, but hopefully this time she can get baptized for the right reasons.

Shadow, Candy and Candy's boyfriend Ricky! We met all of them the other night and that was an awesome lesson! They were all paying attention and answering questions and none of them was left out. Plus, Candy and Ricky have been dating for almost 4 years and are so cute together :) That's pretty darn rare around here! We can only visit them on sundays, so that's a bummer, but they have potential!

L and L are married! Sweetest thing ever! They're really sweet and show a lot of affection towards each other. I doubt that he only married her for free english classes. She'll be baptized this Saturday and we're hoping that he can baptize her :) that would be really cool! Fingers crossed!

One more family: The Family Newton. Sweet people. I think they have 5 boys or something. The 2nd oldest was baptized the week after I got here. He's lost a little of his animo in the past week. His dad keeps drinking and lying about it, but you can find him hobbling down the streets every hour of the day. It's depressing. We're going to visit them with the bishop tomorrow and hopefully that helps him turn his life around and get his family back to church!!

Well, that's all I got for you! Love you all lots and hope that you're having a blast in the fall weather! It's 70 degrees every day. Then 80 in the afternoon. Of course it's humid, so it feels worse than that. If we're lucky, the temp drops down to 60s in the night! It doesn't feel like fall! But at least it's not raining much any more :)

 Talk to you next week!

Hermana Weatherford


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  1. so did you find out if you got diabetes? Just kidding! The paragraph itself made me chuckle.