CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Smiles, Duckface and Burgers...

Without further ado....

Not going to write much this week, because I have pictures! Tons and tons of pictures.
We had a good week. Nothing really strange happened. We went shopping yesterday for pday and spent tons of time in the mall. It was awesome!
Also, I ate my first McDonald's hamburger in over 10 years. Yeah. It was a milestone. There's a picture of that. You're welcome.
We're preaching the gospel and for the most part, people are listening! We have a baptism this Saturday of L (female). She's really excited and we're excited for her! I'm so glad that their child will be born into the church! What a great way to give that kid a good start! On the foundation of Christ :)
This week I held a duck, hit my 1 month in the field mark, shook hands with a guy who obvious was covered with blood and drugs, was mistaken for a latina, got a ton of letters(!!!), and was close to the shooting of two young men. That was really sad. But, the work is moving on and we're moving with it :)
Picture time!!

Doing the Work:

Having Fun:

Word has it....Hermana W and her companion Hermana Brower get along quite well. I guess so, if these pictures are an example.


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