CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mollejas, Slang, & Samuel the Lamanite

Without further ado:

Didn't get to write last week, that was a real bummer. But fun story- i'm alive!! Things are crazy different here. The culture, the food, the work. I love it all.

Weirdest thing I've eaten: Mollejas. People keep calling them mollejitas, but i'd like to say that they were definitely mollejotas. They're chicken stomachs for those of you who have not had the pleasure of eating them. THEY'RE DISGUSTING. Truth.

Weirdest thing that's happened to me: We were walking down the street and a guy on a motorcycle did a drive by butt grab. I think that's probably the most violating experience of my life. Yep.

Cool thing that happened afterward: I was busy complaining about how I wanted to go home (not really, but close.) when a woman walked by and I felt like I should contact her. So I did and she said she didn't know her address (not unusual) so I told her where the church was and said goodbye. A few minutes later she came back down the street to where we were and said she had found out her address and we set up and appointment right there. When we went to visit her this week we found out she is sooooo prepared. She has tons of questions and I am so excited for our next appointment. Moral of the story: whenever it rains, you know a rainbow is around the corner.

About my comps: I am companions with one of my best friends from the CCM, Hermana Brower and our trainer is Hermana Garcia. She's from Ecuador and thank the stars above, her spanish is clear and perfect. Hallelujah. We have such good times! We're supposed to teach our latina companions english, but all we've taught her so far is "what's a girl to do?" "swag" "too legit to quit" and various other slang. It's the best. she already knows "ain't nobody got time fo dat" and "what the heck" and "ewww". So, she's basically fluent in english.

My area: We're in El Lago in Amititlan. It's hot, but not as hot as the coast. And we baptize TONS here. Our goal for October is 9. The mission rule is 3 per month. The people here are super receptive to the gospel and out of all our contacts each day, we get tons of addresses. It's fantastic! The only thing I don't really like is the drunks (here they're called bolos) and the creepies. People think I'm latina, so I get hit on a lot. Like a lot, a lot. It freaks me out, but I have my pepper spray with me always!

Something I like: Here when we ride buses it's a rule that we have to contact them. So in order to do that you ask the bus driver to turn down the music and stand at the front and preach. It's BOSS. I'm so bad at it, but when I do it I feel like Samuel the Lamanite crying repentance unto the people. The only problem is that ever since I've gotten here I've lost all sense of balance. I can barely kneel for prayers. It's bad. So when I'm on the bus I hang on for dear life and hope my skirt doesn't come up. It's SO FUN. But I have received many the bruise from being slammed into a bench or worse, a bar.

Something I don't like: Cucarachas. There are more than I'm comfortable with. During a lesson yesterday, one flew onto my comp's backpack and I literally jumped onto the couch. They all had a good laugh at the gringa who's afraid of cucarachas. Tons of ants too, but not many spiders though, which is good.

We had 2 baptisms on Sunday and that was so so so so good. There was a 15 year old boy and an 8 year old boy. They both were so excited to be baptized and come from families that don't exactly do what they're supposed to, so it was good to see them being strong examples. Pilas. Both of them.

Well, that's pretty much it. I have tons more to say, but I don't think I can write it all out. Love you all and hope that things are good back in the states!

Hna. Weatherford
I looked up PILAS and it said "batteries". I then asked Teigen if she really meant "batteries" and she informed me it means "batteries or hard working\righteous". We will learn some Guatemalan slang folks!

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