CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Monday, September 29, 2014

6000 Pictures

with Hermana Brower, my ex companion!

 at the meeting of all of the sisters in the mission, with my 4 closest friends from the CCM

we had house inspections on Monday, so we killed ourselves cleaning. we were zombies.

the moth that we found in our house, the size of a butterfly!

The day that it POURED and we took a picture in our house before going out to get super soaked. 
Teaching and getting a reference from a member who was selling Atol Blanco on the sidewalk. Perfect opportunity for a selfie!

We're cute. This was yesterday at our zone pday at a place called Aventura.

Just swinging around a tree like a boss :)

oops, a bit confused there. that's when i was walking on a rope (right before i fell.... haha) and this is the tree swinging one.

all of the sisters in our zone!
The whole zone yesterday

Walking through rivers in the street. No big. We got soaked.

This rain is CRAZY

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