CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

seeing miracles and mice!

This week we had a day where we saw a total of 5 mice during lessons. In one occasion we were teaching and the mouse climbed into a mug. So the investigator put a lid over the mug and then the 3 friends of the poor trapped mouse came to try and get it out! Another one was just stealing corn kernels. 

Another one we saw was in our house. oops....

Onto the week! This week we went to visit one of the little villages of our area! It was really strange, because just by travelling a few minutes in a bus, the people change SO MUCH. They are soooo nice. We need to work more out there! Or at least have a branch out there! The picture is of Hermana Cornelison and I looking out at the good view!

General Conference is coming up this weekend! This will be my 3rd time and I'm even more excited than the times in the past! I looooove being able to hear the prophet and get my investigators to do so as well! It's such a good time to receive revelation and get answers to our questions and doubts! Everyone watch it! It's sooooo good :D

Hermana Cornelison and I are having a blast. She helps me to be a better missionary and even though I'm technically the trainer in this companionship, she's the one who is training me! She's so so pilas and is going to do such great things in the mission. And she's hysterical. We pass all of our time walking talking about random stuff and quoting The District, a miniseries thing about missionaries!

Things are great! This change has ended, but in only 4 more weeks we'll end the next one! So, I have 4 weeks to enjoy my time here in freezing Patzicia and then we'll see where the Lord sends me!

Love you all sooooo much!
Hermana Weatherford

us eating the best ice cream ever! 

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