CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

happy 15 de septiembre!

This week was crazy! A birthday, zone training, meeting Elder Ochoa and celebrating Independence day! 

Hermana Cornelison and I expected to find a bunch of people selling flags and cool stuff, but no. Just a bunch of drunk guys who walk a little too close to be comfortable.. But everything turned out well! No problems at all (my newbie companion has yet to have a misfortunate run in with a drunk.)

We got to meet Elder Ochoa and THAT was amazing! He taught us so much in just a few short hours! I learned soooo much. One of the main things that he taught us is that the people who progress are the people that understand who we are representatives of. He told us to try asking a question to the people who reject us: "De quien piensa que somos enviados?" or "who do you think we are sent from?" We started to put it into action and usually they don't answer us.. and then close the door in our faces... but we know that they know that we are the LORD'S representatives.

Yesterday we had to give President Markham a call to let him know that we didn't meet the standards of excellence, even though we tried our best. The first thing he said to me was "Hermana, YOUR HEART IS PURE." And then he repeated it a few times. It was something that Hermana Cornelison and I had to get into our heads "We did our best, we will keep doing our best and we won't feel bad. We have pure hearts and clean hands." I love my mission president :)

This Friday we will have a meeting with all of the sisters in the mission. I am so excited! A great opportunity to see all of my friends and also receive training from President Markham!

Love you all so much! Stay strong, know that I know this is the truth and that's why I'm here with wet feet, freezing my face off and getting rejected in all kinds of ways all the time. And I would do it over again because it's SO WORTH IT. 

With tons of love and lots of prayers,
Hermana Weatherford

Here's a picture we took in a part of our area last week. My companion is just the cutest thing ever :)

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