CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

this week is the week of miracles!

LOTS of things happened in this past week! It's been crazy and awesome and hard at the same time!

Hermana Cisneros hurt her arm pulling water our of a well and I had to take care of her. She's doing a lot better now! Her tendon has almost completely healed!

Divisions. I went off to a place called Chimaltenango this week! I worked with a good friend of mine in the mission, Hermana Merrell. She's the best! She taught me so much, and even though it was a really hard day for her (she found out that the man she was going to baptize in a week wasn't legally married, got butt grabbed and fell in the mud and got reeeeally dirty), we laughed it off and had a fun time! We also put a couple goals so that I can "turn up the burners" so to speak. I wake up at 5:30 now every morning, we walk SUPER fast and contact lots of people and are working on putting diligence up to maximum speed! It was really good for me and will help me make the change in my mission that I need!

After that, Hermana Cisneros and I went out to one of our villages, went down an entire mountainside and found out that the family lived at the top. So we climbed ALL the way up and taught them quickly, then got out to the highway to find out that we had missed the last bus! So we had to walk back to town for 45 minutes at full speed! It was pretty rough. But the Lord was testing our diligence, and we passed the test!

After that, things with Hermana Cisneros got a little hard. I won't go into detail, but we had a few problems. It ended that Monday morning President Markham called to inform us that we would be having emergency changes.

So, this morning she went to a place called San Andres Itzapa. I'm still here and I recieved a sweet new missionary named Hermana Cornelison. She only has 2 weeks in the mission and is so diligent and positive! We're going to see so many miracles in this area together! she's so cute. And Hermana Cisneros is going to love being with Hermana Marroquin. She's going to be there with her for the next 4 weeks while Hermana Marroquin finishes her mission.

Today we have an area attack, so all of the missionaries from the stake are coming to help us knock all the doors and find all of the chosen ones in our area!

I love you all lots and I want you all to know that my companion and I are representatives of Jesus Christ. We testify that HE LIVES and He only guides one church in the whole world and this is His church. I know that with all of my heart. We have to go through struggles sometimes and that's just part of life. But if we give everything that we have, one day we'll be able to say to the Father "I wasn't perfect, but I did everything in my power. I did all I could." That's my goal and I hope that it's yours too.

With much love and a few pics...
Hermana Weatherford

 drinking salsa. Hermana Cisneros didn't think I could do it, i proved her wrong.

a fresh pic from today! Hermana Cornelison, my new companion!

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