CCM Hermanas

CCM Hermanas

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

From August 26th

We're moving on in the change! Week 2 and all is going great!

We're still looking for that baptism that we need, but hey, the Lord will provide! Today we learned about patience and how incredibly important it is in our lives. I guess I already knew that it was important, just that I didn't want to have to go through the trials to develop it! But now I realized that we're already going through the trials, and that I should take advantage of this to learn more about patience!

Hermana Cisneros is learning really fast! Sometimes she forgets the basic things or thinks that she can't make a decision without me telling her what to do, but I just have to remind her that she already knows, she just needs to think some things through.

In the church we have a program, I guess you could call it, called Family Home Evening. Every Monday night the family gets together and they sing hymns and share a short message and play games and eat! A few weeks ago, my companion and I realized that we as missionaries aren't exempt from the Family Home Evening, so we began to do it! Yesterday was our 3rd time doing it and it's SO FUN! It's even better as a missionary :)

General Conference is coming up in October and I hope that everyone is getting ready! (i have a countdown on my calendar!) My companion and I are preparing ourselves spiritually by study about prophets and their importance and reading old conference talks!

I love you all SO MUCH! And pray for you every day!

With much love,
Hermana Weatherford

a picture with some daughters of a recent convert. sorry that it was a bad hair day, too... 

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